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  • Preschool and Daycare in O’Fallon IL

    Tinee Treasure Preschool and Childcare Center provides incomparable daycare and preschool programs for children ranging from six weeks to five-years-old. Our early childhood education programs are designed to create stimulating environments that aim toward the progression of your child’s developmental milestones, getting them prepared for a future of success.

    At Tinee’s, we understand the importance of your child’s early years; we aren’t just a daycare that takes care of your children, but rather prepare them for their future. Every month our teachers and staff introduce new skills across different learning domains, geared toward progressively building your child’s development in subjects relating to:

  • • Literacy

  • • Mathematics

  • • Physical Fitness

  • • Cultural Understanding

  • Infant Care (6 weeks-14 months)

    Our team understands the challenges that parents face when being separated from their infant; missing out on the possibilities of their first smile or first squeal. Therefore, our infant childcare program is about establishing a partnership between the parents and teacher – working with you to help your baby develop their skills while capturing special moments in the process. Every day you receive written reports on your infant’s feeding, sleeping and learning activities. With our curriculum, your infant will establish their foundational skills through care and engaging activities in a calm and safe environment.

  • Cognitive – Your child’s early brain development relies on a variety of things including caregiver responsiveness, their daily exposure to language, nutrition, and physical activity. It is our goal to encompass all of these factors to ensure growth is made in all areas.

    Socio-Emotional – New studies have shown that emotional and cognitive development are closely intertwined. Having adequate responsive caregiving helps your child understand their emotions and establish a sense of safety within their social environments. As a result, it helps support attention and learning.

    Physical – During your child’s early years, they will begin to develop their small and large muscles, whether they are crawling or rolling on their stomach – our classroom area allows ample space for your child to practice their motor skills in a safe environment.

  • Toddler Care (15 months-23 months)

    Toddlers tend to be a little more mobile, which is why we try to channel that energy and curiosity into an interactive and stimulating environment. Our professional and certified staff assist your toddler during this time of dramatic growth, helping them foster their cognitive, socio-emotional and physical development through activities like art, dancing, music, reading, and outdoor fun. This is the stage where your toddler has ample choices to help express themselves and start gaining self-confidence and independence.

  • Cognitive – Factors that play a role in your toddler’s brain development including the safety and comfort of the environment, responsiveness of their caregivers, exposure to cognitive activities like reading, talking and other activities meant to stimulate their brain.

    Socio-Emotional – This is the stage where toddlers start to understand their individual feelings and are able to manage them in a constructive manner. Having a positive and continuous relationship with caregivers is important for your toddler to discover themselves, peers and adults.   

    Physical – Your child is probably excited about being able to adventure into the world around him, however, although their gross motor skills are developing, their body can’t keep up with their mind; toddlers need adequate safe indoor spaces to walk, jump, run and play.

  • Two-Year-Olds

    At this stage of early development, your two-year-old needs stimulating experiences in a secure environment. With small classroom settings, our teachers provide your child with daily routines consisting of arts & crafts, pretend play, language, rhyming, and counting. They will have the ability to make independent choices and establish cooperation skills by working with their peers, helping to find the confidence needed for success in preschool.

  • Cognitive – This is the most intense period of your child’s cognitive development and it is critical for them to experience an environment that is safe, predictable, responsive and engaging.

    Socio-Emotional – Caregivers who provide nurturing relationships with toddlers, set examples of good behavior and appropriate responses, and effectively convey emotions set the foundation for your child’s success with interpersonal relationships.

    Physical – The more your child moves, the better their gross and fine motor skills will be. Tossing a ball, jumping, dancing, and more – toddlers are more hands-on learners.

  • Preschool (3-5 years-old)

    Tinee Treasure’s preschool program is designed for children to explore the world that surrounds them and learn from it. Through storytelling, puppet play and outdoor activities – we engage your child’s curiosity with fun and thought-provoking activities that improve their cognitive, socio-emotional and physical development. After our professional teachers are finished with their curriculum, your child will be successfully singing and counting their way to kindergarten.

  • Cognitive – If you have a healthy child, they have over 100 billion brain cells, however, if they can’t establish a connection; they die and are never replaced. To help promote brain cell connections, your child needs a secure, well-structured environment with nurturing caregivers and stimulating exercises which help promote brain-cell connections.

    Socio-Emotional – A child’s first relationship is with their parents, followed by their caregiver and finally, their peers. The quality of early relationships influences how they learn to handle their emotions, interact, and share for the remainder of their life. The key to socio-emotional development is responsiveness and communication.  

    Physical – Your child needs the comfort of a safe environment where they can learn to master their new physical abilities such as running, jumping and climbing. We have age-appropriate equipment that further develops your child’s fine and gross motor skills.

  • We make it our mission to provide a stimulating environment to help children become confident and independent learners through positive reinforcement.
    We provide a safe, healthy and nurturing environment for your child’s developmental years.