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Our Childcare and Preschool Programs in Fairview Heights, IL

Tinee Treasure Preschool and Childcare Center offers early childhood education programs for children six weeks to five years old. Our curriculum is geared towards meeting the progressive milestones of your child’s cognitive, socio-emotional, and physical development by establishing a secure environment with engaging activities. It is our goal to prepare your child for the future and set them up for early success.

Tinee Treasures understands that your child’s early years are critical for their development. We aren’t just your standard ‘daycare’ facility, but instead, take a proactive approach to your child’s learning and work towards setting them up for success. Each month, your child’s teacher will introduce new skills over a variety of learning domains that are designed to build your child’s development in subjects like:

Infant Care (6 weeks-14 months)

Our staff comprehends the difficulties that parents face when being isolated from their newborn child; passing up the potential outcomes of their first grin or first screech. In this manner, our newborn child childcare program is tied in with setting up an association between the guardians and educator – working with you to enable your infant to build up their abilities while catching uncommon minutes all the while. Every week you’ll get composing reports on your baby’s sustaining, resting, and learning exercises. With our educational program, your newborn child will build up their primary aptitudes through consideration and connecting with exercises in a quiet and safe condition.

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Toddler Care (15 months-23 months)

Babies will, in general, be somewhat more versatile, which is the reason we attempt to channel that vitality and interest into an intelligent and invigorating condition. Our expert and guaranteed staff help your baby during this season of sensational development, helping them cultivate their psychological, socio-enthusiastic, and physical advancement through exercises like craftsmanship, moving, music, perusing, and outdoor fun. This is where your baby has plenty of decisions to help communicate and begin increasing fearlessness and autonomy.

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At this phase of early advancement, your two-year-old needs invigorating encounters in a protected situation. With study hall settings, our instructors give your kid day-by-day schedules comprising of expressions and specialties, imaginative play, language, rhyming, and checking. They will be able to settle on independent decisions and build on their participation abilities by working with their companions, finding the certainty required for achievement in preschool.

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Preschool (3-5 years-old)

Tinee Treasure’s preschool program is intended for youngsters to investigate the world that encompasses them and gain from it. Through narrating, manikin play, and open-air exercises – we connect with your child’s interest with fun and intriguing exercises that improve their psychological, socio-passionate, and physical advancement. After our expert instructors are done with their educational program, your youngster will be effectively singing and counting their way to kindergarten.

preschool care fairview heights il

We make it our mission to provide a stimulating environment to help children become confident and independent learners through positive reinforcement.
We provide a safe, healthy, and nurturing environment for your child’s developmental years.